Welcome to onlineministry.faith

Hello, My name is William Tedder and i will be making an awesome site in the very near future. Right now i am in college to learn web page design and i will be making the site when complete. I am going threw the courts at the moment to get custody of my daughter Samantha Tedder. I know that god knows i am the best parent and i have always been the primary caregiver.

Update 2020... I have been arrested and my rights have been violated. God will keep me safe I am sure. I am innocent. The devil is at work and God will prevail. My heart is good and I am not the man they want to paint me. I am a true believer. I am not the perfect Christian and I will not claim to be but I am not the monster they have painted me. I aspire to spread the word of God and to encourage others to take the walk with god. I want to share my testimony and my relationship with god. Allow my actions to be seen as undeniable truth. There is no maybe in facts and truth. The truth is I ordered and have owned this domain since 2018, the link below can prove that. My heart is in a good place but I am not a perfect Christian and have improvements to be made. My favorite saying is, God is real so pray to him. I do believe he hears all prayers and I do believe he loves us all equally.